Grand Band

Grand Band

"Dady Brothers' Grand Band" is a departure from the Celtic Folk the brothers are best known for and features some of Rochester's finest musicians, including Jim McAvaney, Gary Holt, Charles Jaffe, Al Keltz, Steve Piper, and Steve McNally. Mara Dady, Connie Deming, and Teresa Wilcox add stunning background vocals.


The 15-song Americana Roots-style collection of songs is culled from John and Joe's own creations; as well those of some of the writers who have most inspired them through the years. This album, their most ambitious effort yet, was recorded and mixed at Acme Recording Company and engineered by Sebastian Sanchez, assisted by Ken Kahler.


The Grand Band

Joe Dady: vocals, banjo, fiddle, guitars, harmonica,
mandolin, uilleann pipes, ukulele, pennywhistle
John Dady: vocals, guitars, octave mandolin,
ukulele, mandolin, bodhran, bass
Jimmy McAvaney: drums
Gary Holt: bass
Steve Piper: guitars, accordion, vocals
Al Keitz: guitars, pedal steel, dobro
Steve McNally: hammond organ, melodica
Charles Jaffe: piano
Ken Kahler: percussion, vocals
Sebastian Sanchez: percussion
Mara Dady, Connie Deming,
Teressa Wilcox, Al Keltz:
backing vocals


  1. Just One Minute
  2. Any Road
  3. It Used To Be Darker
  4. Book Faded Brown
  5. By The Lord
  6. Chuck's Lament
  7. Atlantic City
  8. Old Brown Boots
  9. Bound By Love
  10. Ancient Song
  11. Light Will Shine
  12. That's The Touch I Like
  13. I'm Just A Country Boy
  14. It's Good To Be Here Tonight
  15. When You Awake